Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Old Boys

The chimps have been out on their border patrol high up the Mahale mountains the other day so was a bit of a walk up to view them.  While out we saw all the familiar faces and observed them charging about and making a lot of noise.
While up in the hills old Bonobo was seen in deep conversation with one of the other Males and the pictures captured this really well! His arm is healing but still not used much.  As they were chatting in chimp lingo they were also eating away. 

Photos by Donna Armstrong
Then our king maker Kalunde who is the oldest chimp in Mahale and about 54 years old  was being groomed and was just sitting and relaxing while letting the younger more vocal males display around their territory.
Photo by Donna Armstrong
They have finished their patrol and have come close to the beach again so not to far to walk after a few days of some good hiking in the hills.


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