Thursday, January 16, 2014

Laptops on the lake shore

A very generous donation of 9 laptop computers made its way to Katumbi primary school yesterday here in remote western Tanzania midway down on lake Tanganyika. The computers were kindly and thoughtfully provided by Chris Martin of Newbury Investments, UK.
 Katumbi school have been preparing a new classroom which will become a computer studies room. Probably no other west Tanzanian primary school could boast such a thing! The lucky children will learn vital skills which will give them a much better chance in life if they decide to move away from their families fishing and subsistence farming lifestyles one day.

The Nomad Trust are heavily involved in projects in our local village. If you would like to help here is a useful link to get involved

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Outside of M group

The Tanzanian parks authority plans to start habituating Y-group who's territory is just north of the already habituated M-group. Y has about 40 members and does already share some of M's females who migrated there which may make the process easier. No bribes of food will be offered so it will be a case of living and spending a lot of time as close as possible to relax them in the presence of humans. It should take around 2 years.
 N-group to our south have been seen these last days by our boat-cruising guests close to the lakes edge. A nice bonus while out fishing and relaxing with a cold beverage.