Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alofu fights Primus

Our guests had another fascinating day with the Chimpanzee’s. After a one hour walk to reach the community they witnessed what could well be a significant moment in the leadership battle.
Primus who we suspect is the new Alpha male was busy grooming and mating with Effie who is in estrous. We know that Effie is a special friend of Alofu and it seems Alofu got jealous, who wouldn’t. Suddenly Alofu violently attacked Primus chasing him around the forest. When 2 big males came in support of Alofu, Primus didn’t take long to get the picture making his escape. Interestingly, Bonobo hugged Alofu to restrain him from continuing the attack. Nervously Primus sat by himself at the top of a large tree.
It doesn’t seem as if Alofu is happy slotting back into the number 2 position.
The battle continues.
The guests caught the fight on Video, great veiwing.


Alofu followed by Kalunde the 'King maker'.

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