Saturday, June 18, 2011

A leopard walks into a bar.

This is no joke, Greystoke Mahale’s bar sits on the point at the end of the beach. After walking up 20 stairs you reach the main deck which then branches off to the lower deck and upper deck. Great for watching the sun set while sipping your favorite cocktail.
Last night all the guests were either sitting on the upper or lower decks and only the bar tender was on the main deck behind the bar.

Leopards are territorial and our beach is in the territory of a female who is around 40kgs. Well, she got lost last night and walked up the stairs to the bar at cocktail hour. As she walked past the bar both her and our bar tender noticed each other, then at the same time Kiri walked from the lower deck. The leopard got such a fright that she bounded up the ramp to the upper deck and leapt over the railing into the thick bush above the lake.

We have talked with our guides and Tanzanian National Park Rangers and we all agree that she meant no harm and simply took a wrong turn.

I think she might have been after one of our special Mahale cocktails!

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